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A dog wearing a life jacket swimming in Kezar Lake.

​Kezar Lake is accessible to all at Horse Beach and Wadleigh State Park.

During peak seasons and events, these lake access areas in downtown North Sutton can get congested. Parking within the Horse Beach lot is limited, and boat trailers take priority. There is plenty of parking along the road just past Kezar Dam on Wadleigh Hill Rd. Those not needing immediate access to the lake, such as walkers and wildlife watchers, should consider parking at the Hominy Pot Rd. lot near the intersection of Keyser St., Hominy Pot Rd., and Kings Hill Rd. Sutton residents without dogs may park at Wadleigh State Park for free; others pay a small fee.

For safety concerns: Sutton Police 927-4422 — For emergencies: 911.

All public areas are carry-in, carry-out, at all times of year and for all materials,

organic or otherwise. Dog waste is a particular problem if left on the perimeter roads

or anywhere near the lake, as it adds phosphorus pollution.

Please come prepared to pick up after your dogs and take waste with you.

Others enjoying the area, as well as wildlife, love a clean Sutton. 


A street map of Kezar Lake.

Parking Areas

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