2020  DONORS

Contributions from our donors ensure KLPA can continue its efforts to monitor and protect Kezar Lake quality and keep invasive aquatic species from entering the lake.  We appreciate your generosity.

Friends of KLPA


Judith Brown

Liz Hewitt

Jeff Maguire

Bill and Susan Uhl


Anonymous ~ 2

Steve & Leslie Enroth

Betty Ann Giles

Vinicius Gorgati and Victoria Griffith

Geoffrey & Alixandra Klingenstein

Susan Lewis

Sue Reel

Tom Schamberg


Anonymous ~ 2

Charles and Ana Maria Ash

Dave and Diane Brown

Nancy Dean

Alexis Del Vecchio

Alan and Linda Dolmatch

Brian Eaton and Bernadette Eaton

Elizabeth Hunt

Dominic and Lynn Jundt

Kathleen Kaye

Donald and Rosalie Kenney

Jean LaChance

Jim and Judy Lowe

Karen and Leo McNichol

Jayne Rayno

Sonja Smith and Douglas Suitor

Bud and Jessie Sofield

Heather Wells


Thank you to all our Donors!

Lake Host Champion

Anonymous ~ 2

Anna Aguilera and Jesse Schreier

Frank and Barbara Aguilera

Melissa Ballinger and Debra Feldman

Jonathan Brown

Michelle D. Coleman and Lynn Wittman

Robert and Gail Dold

John Herbert and Sarah Woolverton

Tom and Janet Paul

Glenn and Susan Pogust

Sandra Reilein

Mary Ritz

Kristina Rundquist and Mark Strand

Eileen Sibert

Janie and E.Y. Snowden

Mary Sullivan and Eric Brandt

Doug Sweet and Brenda Digilio

Roger and Sandy Wells



Chris Kane and Eve Oyer

Christine Kuhlman and Kevin Connors

Ron and Jenny Menning

Michelle Ritz and William Chen

Fred Sladen

      In memory of Phyllis M. Sladen

Patricia Tivnan


Christopher Clark and Claudette Lajam

Victor Del Vecchio and Lisa Lopez

Sherrie and Jon McKenna

Samantha and Stephen Finkelstein


Business Sponsors

Follansbee Inn

     Denis Swords

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gift Program