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Since its founding in 1971, Kezar Lake Protective Association (KLPA) has been committed to attaining and preserving high-quality lake water, shoreland & watershed conditions. With the assistance of the NH Lakes Association and NH Department of  Environmental Services and others, KLPA members seek to learn about lake biology and ecology, and then to help the public in understanding how to protect Kezar Lake and its surrounding environment. 

KLPA is involved in recreational safety from the roads surrounding the lake to sports in and on the water. With this website, it seeks to provide information on activities and safety measures during all seasons on the lake. 

We explore current threats to the lake including road salt and sand run-off; erosion; watershed changes and phosphorus levels; invasive species new and old; issues involving danger to Kezar Lake wildlife that we enjoy so much. 

KLPA Bylaws

KLPA Articles of Agreement

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Board of Directors' Minutes

July 3, 2018

July 28, 2018

May 8, 2020

July 16, 2020


Lynn Wittman, President
Jo Ann Sigua, Secretary
Pat Tivnan, Treasurer

Board of Directors
Denis Swords
Sondra Brake
Jonathan Brown

Nominating: John Hebert, Jenny Menning
Lake Hosting: Lynn Wittman, Melissa Ballinger
Lake Quality: Jonathan Brown
Youth Swim Lessons: Lisa Lopez